As reported by the Fitch Rating Agency, residents of drought devastated California can expect to pay more for water in 2016 as utilities pass on the cost of mandatory conservation measures to customers. Facing a record-breaking drought, In 2015 California adopted emergency regulations requiring a statewide 25 percent reduction in water sales. Additionally, outdoor water use stresses existing water supplies by contributing to peak demand during summer months. During these hot, dry times, utilities must increase capacity to meet water needs, sometimes as much as three to four times the amount used during the winter. These mandated conservation measures and seasonal usage fluctuations have caused the cost of water usage to skyrocket in California. Due to the ongoing water crisis, many California homeowners are turning to Low Water Landscaping to help offset water usage on their property. Also, water-smart yards often have increased curb appeal, which can lead to higher home values.
  • In addition to requiring less water, fertilizer, pesticides, and usually less maintenance, water- smart landscapes offer many other benefits: Lower water bills from reduced water use.
  • Conservation of natural resources and preservation of habitat for plants and wildlife, such as fish, birds, and waterfowl.
  • Decreased energy use (and air pollution associated with its generation) because less
  • Reduced home or office heating and cooling costs through the careful placement of shade trees and shrubs.
  • Reduced runoff of stormwater and irrigation water that carries top soils, fertilizers, and pesticides into lakes, rivers, and streams
  • Fewer yard trimmings to be managed or landfilled.
  • Reduced landscaping labor and maintenance costs.
  • Extended life for water resource infrastructure (e.g., reservoirs, treatment plants, groundwater aquifers), thus reduced taxpayer costs
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