What Does Low Water Landscapes Provide?

Low Water Landscapes specializes in landscape design projects of all sizes, from small 1/4 acre home projects to larger 10 acre public, commercial and residential landscape design projects in Central California, The Bay Area, Oregon, and Hawaii. We provide landscape consultation, surveying, concept & preliminary design, cost estimation, and a set of final design plans as well as submittals and approvals from city or county bodies if required – all in accordance to building code, and the California Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance. We work with specialized local contractors for individual construction phases including outdoor kitchens, masonry work, and lighting. If a state-licensed landscape architect or structural engineer is required for certain elements such as tall retaining walls, or complex load bearing structures that require building department sign offs, we will work with licensed architects, engineers, and surveyors to stay in full accordance with the state laws of California, Oregon and Hawaii.

Site Analysis and Site Design Services

  • Surveying and Existing Conditions Mapping
  • ‘Tape & Measure’ surveys along with existing subdivision lot maps for small lots
  • Aerial Drone Surveying for small-mid size properites
  • Conventional full digital surveys by licensed professional affiliate, Turnrose Land Surveying
  • Existing Tree / Heritage Tree surveys

Conceptual Design

Low Water Landscapes’ Conceptual Designs feature a face to face presentation of one or several design concepts with major elements represented including different materials options, finishes, and colors as well as color plant photos of representative colors, forms, shapes and structure. Preliminary cost estimation will also be a guide through the options.

Low Water Landscape Complete Landscaping Services:

  • Planting Plans including xeriscapes, high-desert, Mediterranean, Spanish, Tuscan, or western ranch style
  • Drip Irrigation & Controller Plans
  • Rainwater Harvesting & Stormwater Retention
  • Construction Details & Materials Specifications
  • Natural Creek Enhancement & Stabilization design
  • Entry Driveways and street ‘security’ frontage design
  • Preliminary Grading & Drainage
  • Vineyard & Orchard Layout
  • Livestock pen and layout design
  • Stock/Feeder trout ponds and earthen dams
  • Outdoor Kitchens & Custom Santa-Maria Style Grills
  • Swimming Pool, Spa, and Water Feature Design
  • Patio covers, gazebos, pavilions and decks