Landscaping Project Rates

Under Renovation as of March 27th, 2019

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Residential Lots up to 0.4 Acres in Size:

  • Front & Side Yard Only: $795
  • Rear & Side Yard Only $ 895
  • Front & Rear Yard Together, $1495
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All projects include a Base Plan, Concept Plan, Revisions, and a Final Planting Plan & Hardscape Plan and preliminary construction cost estimation. Drainage, Lighting, Irrigation plans at a additional rate as needed. Construction Coordination & Observation and 3D Visualization at additional rate, if requested.

Residential Lots over .4 Acres in Size at hourly rate, amount varies depending on site conditions – book a consultation today!

Commercial Projects: Hourly Rate, will provide estimate of hours after booking an appointment.

Smaller Projects: Hourly Rate after booking an appointment.

2018 Hourly Rates: Surveying, Design, Drafting, Meetings and Consultation, $55 / hour.

Construction Observation, $32 / hour.