Specializing in Landscape Designs that Minimize Water Usage

Learn how Low Water Landscaping can save water and beautify your property!

Save Water and Beautify your Property!

Learn how Low Water Landscaping can save water and beautify your property!

Beautiful Landscaping can be Environmentally Sustainable too!

Low Water Landscape Design doesn’t have to be ugly! Let Low Water Landscapes show you how native plants can beautify your property!
Landscape Design Site Analysis

Site Analysis

• Tape and Measure Property Surveys • Aerial Drone Surveys • Full Digital Surveys • Existing/Heritage Tree Surveys
Landscape Architect Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design

Choose from one or several design concepts featuring major elements represented with different material options, finishes, and colors as well as color plant photos of representative colors, forms, shapes and structure.
Landscape Architect Final Design Plans

Final Design Plans

Final landscape design plans as well as submittals and approvals from city or county bodies if required – all in accordance to building code, and the California Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance

Why Low Water Landscaping?

Water continues to be one of California’s most valuable natural resources and access to water can be a challenge for homeowners looking to landscape their property. At Low Water Landscapes, we believe in firmly addressing the ongoing water crisis in California and rethinking the “typical” American yard. Low Water Landscapes does this by upgrading with modern hardscape materials from custom sources, as well as specifying new, low water use plants developed and hybridized just for your area in local wholesale plant nurseries. The result is a modern, unique, custom, updated landscape customized to your needs that will proudly stand out, and use less water than your old landscape. We also specialize in used or repurposed lumber, stone, brick and masonry elements, as well as specialized rock quarries and other sources for unique stone.

Landscape Design Plans for Low Water Landscaping

Beautify and Protect Your Property with Low Water Landscaping!

Beautify and Protect Your Property with Low Water Landscaping!

Drought tolerant landscaping is becoming increasingly popular in regions of California that do not have easily accessible, plentiful, or reliable supplies of fresh water, and is quickly gaining acceptance elsewhere as access to water becomes more limited. Low Water Landscaping focuses on local climate, geography and hydrology to determine the best methods to reduce water usage and beautify your property. As part of this methodology, plants whose natural requirements are appropriate to the local climate are emphasized, and careful steps are taken to mitigate erosion and avoid losing precious water to evaporation and run-off.

What Are The Benefits of Low Water Landscaping?

Many municipalities have already recognized the benefits of natural landscaping due to municipal budget constraints and the general public is now benefiting from the implementation of Low Water Landscaping techniques to save water, reduce erosion and increase habitat for native flora and fauna. In addition to making more water available for community use and the environment, Low Water Landscaping can reduce your property’s water use 60% or more compared to regular lawn landscaping and significantly reduce your water bill! Low Water Landscapes are also easier and less costly to maintain while improving the look and feel of your property!

What Are The Benefits of Low Water Landscaping?

At Low Water Landscapes, we believe great landscape design demands the consideration of many elements that are inextricably linked

  • Analyzing the client’s needs
  • History of the landscape and local context
  • Innovation through use of custom elements
  • Environmental sustainability & cost considerations
  • Visual amenity and creating sense of place