Environmentally Sustainable Landscaping

Low Water Landscaping Helps Homeowners Protect Against Wild Fires in California

In the wake of recent tragic wildfires in California, many homeowners are looking for way to better protect their property against quickly spreading groundfires that have devastated much of the state. Tree fire risk mitigation, native plant installation, fire resistant earthworks and reinforced irrigation systems are only a few of the ways that your property’s landscaping can be optimized for fire resistance! Also, extra features such as bridges, decorative walkways, and a shaded fireplace add additional protection to your yard¬≠¬≠…
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Low Water Landscaping can beautify your property!

How can I reduce water usage on my residential property?

Water and water rights are two of California’s most divisive political issues. Due to the reliable seasonal rainfall, water is a very limited resource in the most populous U.S. state. As debates rage about whether the state should increase the redistribution of water to its large agricultural and urban sectors, or increase conservation and preserve the natural ecosystems of the water sources, property owners are faced with hard choices in regards to water usage. For those who wish to lower…
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